Saturday, 8 October 2011

Some pretty pictures and a shot of sun

Back in the early days of summer I took part in a little photoshoot. It was a very warm day and we were attacked by every bug in a 5 mile radius, but we got some very nice images.

Photography is by Towzie Tyke, Make up and hair by June Long, Model - Mel Woods

First off the stays you've already seen on Christina. It was interesting to see them on a totally different body shape, as Mel is far more curvaceous than Christina.

Image copyright Jade Starmore 2011

Next a Black Watch tartan corset with navy silk external channels teamed with an ivory skirt.

Image copyright Jade Starmore 2011

Psssst - the tartan sample corset is available to purchase at a very reduced price. It's a small size, a 19" waist.
If you're interested contact me via email and I'll send you more details and measurements.

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