Wednesday, 4 July 2012

White and Silver

I've been a busy girl. A few days later I had a shoot with Louise Cantwell  and Francesca Dunn. I'd spotted Francesca on Louise's portfolio and just had to work with her. It's incredibly difficult to find models who can show off curvier corsets but who haven't gone down a glamour route which just does not reflect my brand.

It was a nice relaxed shoot as both are lovely ladies. Well, not so relaxed in that I was finishing off binding on one corset while they were shooting the other! There are too many shots to choose from so I'll just show you a selection for now.

First we shot a longline deluxe Hera corset in white spot broche and white silk charmeuse. This is aimed at brides really, but it could be made up in other colours of course.

Next, a silver silk corset embellished with antique lace that really show's off Francesca's curves. Look out for this corset in future as it will be getting more lace added to it and will be shot again at a later date.

Images all copyright Louise Cantwell Photography 2012

Armadillo in Ayr

My first update is a shoot I did in May with the very lovely Kasumi Noir and the very talented CSD Images. The corset shot is the magenta metallic Armadillo corset - an interpretation of an 1880s corset featuring fine cording and metallic flossing inspired by the neon lit Armadillo building, or Clyde Auditorium to give it it's proper name.

We started off attempting some shots on the windswept beach, but it was a bit too windswept and wet so we abandoned that and headed back to complete the session in the warm. A dose of tasty hot soup and a cuppa and we were all warmed through and we got some fabulous results. Well, the other two did. The designer's duties consist of bringing the stuff, lacing it up, keeping an eye on anything going astray or askew and being available to hold or move anything required. But then, after burning midnight oil getting things finished for shoots that's about all we're fit for usually.

It was a very good day all round, with lovely people and lots of laughs. Here are the results:

Images © Celtic Shadows Design, 2012. All Rights Reserved


Having been shamefully negligent of this blog for the last few months I'm going to do a rapid catch up with some recent shoots and events. Then, I'll start blogging about the new work! And try and be a bit more regular with my posts.