Wednesday, 15 August 2012

and more from the Rogano

On the same day as we shot the last pictures I showed you we also covered this corset. I'm incredibly proud of this one, I think it's my best, and most distinctly 'my' work to date. Much as I appreciate a lot of decoration and embellishment on a corset, my own tastes swing more to clean lines, great shaping and lots of texture and contrast in the fabric choices. And the fabrics here are key to the design.

The texture is created by layers of metallic silk and fine luxury Ayrshire madras which is woven with areas of metallic copper. There are peacock feathers buried and stitched into the centre panel to peek through subtly. The corset is then bound in pale gold silk to match the accompanying silk skirt.

I would love someone to commission something like this from me. I'd also love to make a version of it in greys and purples or blues.

The model is Kasumi Noir and the image is by and copyright to Louise Cantwell Photography.

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  1. Absolutely stunning! The hidden feathers are a beautiful (genius!) touch.